Howleen convinced Twyla to help her with a Gigi inspired photo shoot. Clawdeen and the ghouls volunteered to be models and Pierce agreed to shoot it. Gigi just wasn’t screaming with joy. So she wiggled her nose and POOF! Instant make over. After a quick photo session, Gigi had to fly but she was scary humbled by Howleen’s intentions.

Ghoulia and Slo-Mo fueled up for the big race against Draculaura and Pierce. As they arrived all the ghouls and mansters were scary excited to see who would win. After Robecca started the race Pierce & Draculaura quickly took the lead. Then out of now where Ghoulia & Slo-Mo put the pedal to the metal and won the race!

Abbey was enjoying her mani-pedi so much that she fell asleep. When she awoke she was less than thrilled with her new do. All the ghouls gathered around as she cried on the floor. Thankfully Robecca knew who to call. Viperine was able to come to the rescue and give Abbey a makeover to die for!